Barolo Rocchettevino

Our Barolo is produced with Nebbiolo grapes from the vineyard in the Rocchettevino subzone, in the municipality of La Morra.
Harvesting begins in the second half of October. After pressing, fermentation begins and lasts for 15/20 days. When fermentation is finished, the new wine is left to decant (deposit) for a few days and then it is immediately racked into wooden barrels, where it remains to age for at least two years. In the summer of the third year, the wine is filtered and bottled, and after at least six months of aging in the bottle, the Barolo is ready for consumption.

The wine has a ruby red colour, with orange reflections. The bouquet ranges from floral hints (dog rose, vanilla) in the young Barolo (2-4 years old) which evolve towards more spicy hints (leather, liquorice) in an older Barolo.

  • YEARS2015-2016-2017
  • FIRST YEAR 2000


Gianni Ramello Winery

Via Vassalli 19/a 12064 - La Morra CN, ITALIA

Gianni: (+39) 347 2224995
Matteo: (+39) 327 1432354